In engines with more lie terminal tags

The terminals that exist in electric motors, have 8.16, or 24 terminals for the connection to the power grid, and this connection electric motors are three-phase or single-phase induction comes with at least three terminals connected to the network and is made by connecting the terminals 4,5,6 and RST terminal network, even in any order.

Then we notice that to reverse the direction of rotation of three-phase motor mro supply 2015 em3154t, reverse two phases R and S, or vice versa, that because these three-phase motors that have more than 24 terminals only have binding condition in just 2 voltages: 230 / 480V or 540 / 760V.

These electric motors are connected in triangle in the lower voltage and star, the most tension, we see this in engines with more than six terminals, when this happens we often find markings U, VW, X, Y, and Z instead 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 in electric motors single-phase and three-phase induction.

Electric motor with enclosed cage format

Here’s how an electric motor that is enclosed cage format:

Model Electric Motor Master Line – MGP – BT / AT – ODP and enclosed cage format

The electric motors of this model are engines that were manufactured in different configurations, this means that the engine has to be tested in hazardous environments and methods as to their degree of protection, this engine is great for use on machines that will be wet, and It is for this reason that the engine and manufactured in cage format however it is completely closed baldor vm3542. The electric motor configuration can be defined to suit the operating and ambient conditions this model has complications that require high starting torque and stainless steel plate housing.

This electric motor is more compact, which enables high power with low load, this engine model was developed to meet the need for reliability and security for saws that are used in operating bench and the environment.