Electric motor design should contain the frequent departures of the electric motor

For an electric motor is able to frequent departures will need to so provided by the electric motor design. When the electric motor gives these matches sequentially, is that the electric motor can not cool properly.

Thus, the heating curve has its source and highest peak and the result may be quickly exceeded the critical temperature limit.

The advice is that the temperature of the electric motor is observed during these adjustments, because there will be provided sufficient downtimes so that the temperature of the electric motor to be a value as expected.

Another problem that can affect the electric motor is the degradation of thermal insulation. The life of electric motor insulation can reduce considerably the useful life if the electric motor present a representative overheating. pneumatic reels

Degradation of insulating the electric motor can occur due to: the line voltage; overcurrent in the games; deposit of dust forming conductive bridges; attack by acid vapors or gases dragged by ventilation.

Electric motor types

There are several types of electric motors available in the market. The purchase should focus on the one that meets your needs, it is necessary to analyze what is the most appropriate. Prices will vary according to the motor characteristics, so this information can have many variations.


The types of electric motors stand out among single and three phase models, each is responsible for attending a different type of segment. The single-phase models are well suitable for basic processes where a very complex machine is not required. Unlike the three-phase models, to get an idea, these are the most used in the industrial segment.

The electric motor is the machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy economically. Today we have several segments that it can meet, are different products and processes that need this machine to function. Soon we will have more news, because the engine is always evolving.