Understand how an electric motor should be handled

If the electric motor is not put into operation as soon as it is purchased, the first step is to perform the electric motor protection in the face of rising temperatures and dirt, as these elements may interfere with the electric motor insulation resistance, but beyond the care with resistance, how to handle the electric motor is also key.

So that the electric motor is lifted, the indication is that it makes use of eyelets that are installed on the electric motor. If you do need, is indicated using a tray so that the protection is carried out of all parts of the electric motor.

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The electric motor of the weight you have to be observed and the electric motor should not be raised to the punch and the electric motor should not be placed on the ground abruptly, because then the bearing damage is avoided.

The lugs that are installed on the caps, the bearings, the radiator and other parts of the electric motor serves only to handle only those components that compose the electric motor and the electric motor does not completely.

The indicated is not to use the lift shaft to the electric motor via cables.

Electric engine users

Electric motor users should think of the environment in time to discard it

The electric motor is always supplied in packages which are made from plastic, wood or cardboard, and such materials are always either reused or recycled. Who gets the electric motor WEG know that the wood used in the electric motor of the packaging comes from reforestation and is not subjected to any chemical treatment to be kept.

The electric motor paraflex px80 is manufactured from steel and cast iron and also with copper, aluminum and plastic. The life of the electric motor, in general, is very long, but when you need to make the disposal, indicating the electric motor manufacturer WEG recommends that this disposal is done so that the environment is preserved.

Thinking about the environment for the electric motor to disposal, the materials can not be recycled should be taken to landfills and then processed in cement kilns or incinerated.

Electric motor home

The electric motor output at home has become an increasingly common activity by a large number of people. As there are several segments in which the engine can be deployed and offering savings and efficiency, people began to try to produce this machine at home. This is indeed possible, as long as the person has the right materials to be able to do.

The engine is a machine that will make the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy, this functionality can meet various processes and products. When the engine is done at home, he can offer this energy transformation that only a lower form, therefore, the engine ends up being suitable for basic purposes.


If you are also considering deploying homemade electric motor in some basic segment, know that it is worth you make your experience. There are many cases of people who make motor home and can achieve a positive benefit, the engine made at home ends up being a more economical product.