Electrical machines are generally marketed in appropriate packaging of tough materials such as plastic, cardboard and wood. By prevailing standards in force, the packaging must be recyclable or reusable and receive the right destination according to the rules followed in each country.

It is extremely important to stress that all the wood used in the manufacturing process of the engine packages needs to be reforested and should never be subjected to any chemical treatment in order for it to be preserved. From the constructive point of view, electric motors are designed with plastic, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.

SKF-Bearing 4205 ATN9

The electric motor is considered to be a durable product, but if its disposal is required, most manufacturers recommend that the packaging and product materials are properly separated and then properly recycled. People who provide recycling collection services, industrial landfills or waste incineration sites, need to be legally licensed by the environmental agency of their city or state, so that they are able to carry out these activities.