Continuous Current and Alternating Current Motors

Electric machines basically consist of motors capable of transforming electrical-type energy into mechanical-type energy. The main categories of most common electric motors to be found are DC motors and AC motors. DC motors are more expensive and require a direct current source, or a device that can convert common alternating current into continuous. The main types are the synchronous and induction electric motors. They can operate at an adjustable speed, within wide limits, with very flexible and precise controls.

In this way its use is restricted only to special cases in which these requirements compensate the higher cost of the installation. Alternating current motors 1125-5-200-BYXX-A are the most used, since the distribution of electric energy is done in alternating current. The most commercialized type of electric motor is the induction motor, due to factors such as how to combine the advantages of electric energy use, relatively low cost, easier transportation, good performance, simplicity of control with simple projection, great versatility to adapt to loads more variety and optimized performance.