Starting Capacitor Motor

At the exact instant in which the velocity interval occurs, the insulated main winding must develop the same conjugate as the combined windings. It should be noted that for higher speeds, on average from 80% to 90% of the synchronous speed, the curve of the conjugate with the combined windings cross the conjugate curve of the main winding for speeds that reach above this limit, the motor develops a conjugate lower, for any slip, with the auxiliary circuit running.

When the curves do not always intersect at the same point, and the centrifugal circuit breaker is not always able to open at the same speed, it is common to make the opening take place just before the curves intersect. After disconnection of the auxiliary circuit, its operation may be similar to that of the split-phase motor. The starting capacitor electric motor is considered to be similar to the split-phase electric motor.

One of its main differences is the inclusion of a series electrolytic capacitor baldor VM3665T. The capacitor allows a greater angle of lag between the main and auxiliary winding currents, generating high starting torque. In addition to the split-phase motor, the auxiliary circuit is disconnected when the motor reaches 75% to 80% of the synchronous speed.

Bearing Lubrication

If it is necessary to move the motor, the component responsible for locking the shaft also needs to be reinstalled. In the case of engines stored for a period that is equal to or greater than the oil change interval, the oil must be replaced prior to start-up. In case the engine is stored for more than two years, it is recommended to replace the bearings, or it is recommended that they be removed, washed, inspected and re-lubricated. The oil from the bearings of the vertical motors is usually removed to avoid leakage during transportation.

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It is essential that during the storage period of the engine, it is kept in its original operating position, always keeping the bearings lubricated with a specific oil. The level of the same oil should be considered as an extreme limit, always being respected, so that it is possible to remain in the middle of the level display. For as long as this storage is necessary, it is necessary to remove the device responsible for locking the shaft and, at least once a month, it must rotate up to five laps, the shaft manually.

Balanced Parades and Stops

In general, in all cases it is essential to ensure that the starter torque is sufficient by choosing a suitable motor, verifying if the power line has specifications necessary to limit the reduction of the starting voltage while maintaining the load coupled to the motor under appropriate operating conditions, so that it does not exhibit an abnormal resistant torque. If the industrial process requires frequent starts, this characteristic must necessarily be foreseen in the design of the equipment and the electric motor needs to be properly adapted to work in this way.

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In this way, through the regulators in some machines, it may be necessary to carry out different starts in a relatively short time, making it impossible for the motor to cool adequately. Likewise, counter-current braking, thus, by means of motor inversion, generally represents the cost equivalent to three starts. The very slow start-up times that can occur when the motor torque is subtly greater than the heavy-duty torque converter should be avoided, as the overcurrent current absorbed at the moment the rated speed is not reached can cause the motor to heat up and cause serious accidents.