The Electric Current Movement

By the graphite brushes, which have the objective to slide in the armature collector, there is an expressive circulation of electric current through the armature winding, which guarantees the creation of another magnetic field.

The instant the field coil is fed properly by an electric current, it becomes capable of creating a kind of magnetic field around the winding, thanks to the current circulating inside it. In the case of natural magnets, this field will always remain surrounding the induced.

It is important to note that the magnetic fields of the field coil, as well as of the armature, are capable of combining with each other, in a few moments repelling and attracting, causing the armored bearing armature to begin to rotate.

The main functions of the electric motors are realized so that they can be applied in different devices inside a car.

At one end of the armature, it may have a gear, responsible for pulling and releasing a lock, such as having a pulley or coupling type, for the purpose of connecting the combustion engine or, if a propeller for the operation of an internal fan.

The Engines

The electric motor is a machine designed to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. The induction motor is the most marketed of all types of motors, combining the advantages of low cost electrical application with ease of transport, cleanliness and simplicity of control with its simple construction, low cost, great versatility of adapting the loads, of the most different types and better yields.

The most common types of electric motors are DC motors which are higher cost motors and moreover need a direct current source, or a device that transforms the alternating current into direct current. They can operate with adjustable speed, between wide limits and lend themselves to controls of great flexibility and precision.    baldor MM3613

In this way, its application is restricted to special cases in which these requirements balance the installation’s much higher cost.

Alternating current (AC) motors are the most commonly employed because the distribution of electrical energy is usually done in alternating current. It is estimated that 90% of the motors manufactured are squirrel cage induction motors.