Gear Coupling

The gear coupling is essential at times when it is necessary to slow down. It is of utmost importance to check that the axles are correctly aligned and parallel when dealing with straight gears, and in the angle of engagement, in the case of helical or conical gears. Pulley and belt couplings is a specific type of transmission applied when there is a need for a ratio of speeds between the motor and the driven load.  CA32112 L

The motors that have sliding bearings have up to three marks on the end of the shaft, bearing in mind that the center mark is the indication of the magnetic center and the other two marks of the outer part, which as it has the function of permissible axial movement limit to the rotor. The engine must be coupled so that the arrow fixed to the bearing housing is over the center mark at the time the engine is running.

Excessive tension in the belts may damage the bearings and may cause engine shaft rupture. The motors equipped with slide bearings must be driven by the coupled machine or by means of a gear unit. The sliding bearings do not leave the coupling by means of pulleys and belts.